Monday, August 9, 2010


Here is my first hand at a scrappy string quilt!!!! After trying the Nine Patch block, I wanted to try something different! I began doing the scrappy blocks in December during my university break. Then in July, I sewed the blocks together [6 inch squares] to make 12 inch blocks and added the brown sashing. Today I finally finished it!!! It measures 34x34, has no batting in between so I can use it to dress a table. I'm quite happy that it turned out well even though I cut everything by hand with scissors! The one mistake I soon learned from [after the first block] was not to take the paper out of the back after you assemble the 4 squares together to make one block. Sew everything with the paper and only after the sashing is on, take out the paper. It's quite a bit of a pain but it makes sewing easier and it's completely worth it.

Here are some helpful links to those who are looking to start making their own scrappy quilt: