Friday, February 27, 2009


This quilt began when I headed to a rummage sale at the nearby Seniors home and found a box of partially completed grandmother's garden quilt blocks and HUNDREDS of hexagons still left to be sewn! I bought the box, two hexagon templates and a pair of scissors for $2

I began hand-sewing the rest of the fabric into GG blocks- a process that took on and off three months! 

I think I ended up with 50 GG blocks and since I wanted to use everything and I didn't want to use a solid colour fabric to divide each block I sewed everything into a HUGE mosaic. I REALLY wanted to get the quilt done!!!!!

After taking the quilt class with Johanna Maskow in September, I completed the hexagon quilt at home on my own in October. I used scrap fabric for the trim and it turned out quite nicely! 

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