Thursday, February 19, 2009


I always wanted to have my own business cards and after graduating with my M.A degree, I figured it was the perfect time to get them done to show off my titles. I was also growing tired of scribbling telephone numbers and 
e-mails in pieces of paper.

I saw online ads that offer 250 business cards for free and you pay only shipping and handling, but two reason were stopping me: 1) I don't know what to do with 250 cards 2) I don't have a credit card. 
Being creative, I knew I could make my own cards! But how? I knew I wanted something pretty, inexpensive and I wanted to control how many I had. I realized that I had a box of perfume cards that I collected over the years at the mall. Why not use them? They are FREE, come in stiff paper, different shapes and sizes and I can pull out different ones every time!!!

After sorting through HUNDREDS of fragrance cards- men and women fragrances- I headed to Microsoft Word and 
So if you want to be creative, are looking for a cheap alternative to expensive business cards, reuse those pretty perfume cards!!!

For those interested here is a quick tutorial!!

1) Trace the outline of the card on piece of paper. Place the sheet in your printer.
2) Open Microsoft Word. Type your information in small font [size 7, 8, 9 depending on the size and shape of the card]. 
3) Set the colour.
4) Eyeball the position of the writing with the outline of the card.
5) Print it out. This first printout will help you figure out any adjustments to be made. 
6) Once you made your corrections, print it out again. 
7) If the printing is at the centre of the pencil outline of your card, you are ready to print on the cards!!!
8) Place your perfume card on the pencil outline using masking tape.
9) Print!

TIP #1) It is good to have extra cards in case you mess up- and you will mess up, believe me!!!!
TIP #2) If you like your cards to smell pretty, spritz the perfume and let it dry before printing.

***These cards are strictly for personal use only. No infringement intended***

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