Sunday, February 8, 2009


Finally I made my 2nd coin purse [the first was for my sister]! I bought the frame about a month ago and even though it's a quick project to sew, I waited all this time to get it done! I used the U-Handbag tutorial and the instructions were easy to follow which made it all a breeze. 
I used a sew-on frame not knowing there were frames you sewed on and those your glued on. I just thought the scalloped edge was cute. As of now I'm comfortable with the sew-on frames. I can always take it out if I make mistakes or if I feel like changing the fabric, I can redesign a new purse. I would love to make an elegant clutch but I have yet to find the perfect frame!

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UK lass in US said...

Very sweet. I always like this style of coin purse. I've only made one using the frame off an old purse so far, which is probably not to be recommended...

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