Monday, February 16, 2009


In September 2008, I took a three part class at The Workroom and learned to make the nine patch quilt!
The class was taught by the renowned Johanna Masko, quilt-master par excellence!

We were supposed to  complete a 9 blocks quilt, instead I did a 36 blocks quilt. I worked on the other 27 blocks the week prior to the last class and used all the fat quarters I bought for the project. I considered that I couldn't really 'use' or enjoy a baby nine patch quilt. I wanted something big enough to throw on my lap.

The quilt turned out so HUGE [64"x80"] that for the back of the quilt, I headed to Goodwill and bought a king sized bedsheet!!! Boy oh boy! Prepping the top layer, the batting and the backing took LOTS of pins and patience! I had never sewn anything that large before and I was afraid it wouldn't get through the machine but we made it work!

Johanna was so impressed that she mentioned my quilt on her blog!!!!

From 9 fat quarters...

To a completed quilt!

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