Sunday, February 1, 2009

Welcome to my blog and to my first post! I'm going to begin with a confession: I am a craft blog virgin!  With so many wonderful craft blogs and bloggers out there, what am I doing?! As of now, I haven't figured out a whole lot but I am very excited about this and I hope that in time, it will get better!
As the name suggests, I am a BEDROOM CRAFTER. Coming up with a cool, catchy name was hard and the ideas that I came up with didn't really reflect who I was! My bedroom is my studio; it is here that I read, plan, sketch, cut, sew and knit! I was never able to craft [particularly sew] or study in the living room. Something about the large room makes me self-conscious!! The bedroom however is the perfect niche!
As I inaugurate this blog, I would like to thank the visitors that passed by and the many who will come. I hope you will find my blog interesting as I share my work, thoughts, tip and other things crafty!

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